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Competition to equip women with ICT skills to bridge Libyan entrepreneurial gender gap held in Tripoli

“Ibtikar, the first Libyan social innovation competition specifically for women was held for three days between 13th-15th February in Tripoli.” Libyan Herald 

Libya granted women new constitutional rights – then took them away again! Libyan women’s rights campaigners have angrily taken to Twitter after the committee responsible for their country’s new constitution backtracked on a major issue.” ~albawaba


Women are the leaders of today

“We were being told to stay silent and not comment on politics and to stay hidden where we were safe. While we didn’t have access to any of the decision-making tables, we did have the internet. By using technology, we could create our own mega microphone and make people listen to us. ” Huffington post 

 “I’m a Muslim and I’m a feminist”
Excerpt from the book.

Military Intervention in the Middle East and North Africa

By Susannah O’Sullivan

“The blog published the stories about women in Libya, in Arabic and English, with the aim of changing the conversation about women’s lives and participation”

Finding Hope in the ‘New’ Libya (Part 2): Hajer Elmahdi’s dramatic move from ‘homeless’ to Women’s Empowerer

“‘although there are still guns, weapons of war and terrorism everywhere, the most important thing is hope. I see lots of hopeful people and I think they can actually influence change in Libya”

Peace and Development project with Jusoor


22/4/2017 ‏ا: ورشة عمل على قرار ⁦‪#SCR2250‬⁩ مصممة خصيصا ل ⁧‫#ليبيا‬⁩ لتحسين مشاركة ⁧‫#الشباب‬⁩ في عملية السلام و إرساء الأمن. ⁦‪مشروع سلفيوم

Workshop on #SCR2250 designed specifically for #Libya to improve #youth involvement in #Peace & #Security.


Peace and Development project with Jusoor 

We have started workshops and sessions with young Libyan women that focus on peace and development in the

2016 community. We have began our first sessions with our partner Jusoor this December


كيف يمكن زيادة مشاركة الشباب في نشر ثقافة السلام

بمناسبة مرور سنة على قرار 2250 الذي يشجع على المشاركة الشبابية وجعل الشباب عنصر أساسي في نشر ثقافة السلام وإعطائه فرص أكثر للمساعدة على بناء مستقبله قمنا بإعداد هذا الفيديو من مختلف الآراء
نص القرار بالكامل بالعربية…

من أهم ما ذكر ” يجب تنظيم حملات توعية ضد ثقافة الكره والعنصرية ” هذا شيء نعانوا منه كثيرا مؤخرا – لقراءة المزيد عن ما تكلمت عليه أسماء يمكنكم قراءة مدونتها…/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D9…/

تقدروا تستعملوا هذا القرار لجعل صوتكم مسموع أكثر والمطالبة ببرامج تنموية للشباب تساعده على إيجاد فرص تعليم- عمل أكثر في مجتمعنا

لن يثوروا حتى يعوا..و لن يعوا حتى يثوروا 

أن مثل هذه النوبات من الإستنكار و الغضب التي تنتج من أخبار مثيرة لتوليد ردود الفعل الفورية المختلفة داخل السوشال ميديا و التي ترتبط بشكل خاص” بالقضايا التي يتكتم المجتمع عن الحديث عنها في الظروف العادية و يتم تجاهل وجودها لدواعي تحفظات دينية و كنتاج لعقلية متشبتة بتقاليد و أعراف ليبية قديمة
بإمكانها أن تكون فرصة لتشكف لنا الكثير من المفاهيم الخاطئة المنتشرة بين الناس حيث تمنح هذه الصدمات الأخلاقية الشجاعة للناس للتعبير عن أفكارهم المسكوت عنها و تفتح مجال للنقاش و إبداء آراء صادقة و حقيقية تنبيء بمستوى الوعي بالمجتمع”

 من مقال ريما إبراهيم 

We made this awareness video after a rape video of a woman and her daughter by armed militias went viral in Libya.

Women are always the first victims of war and are left unprotected.

It raised awareness about archaic laws that allow the rapist to marry his victim and avoid jail time. such laws have been abolished by Lebanon just last week and in Egypt in 1999.

this is why young women need to be included in peace building, because we’re the first victims of war.
#1325 #2250


 the global community  invited 2 Project Silphium members to participate as consultants in the Regional Consultation and High-Level Dialogue on Youth, Peace and Security in Arab States, coordinated by UNDP and UNESCO, to both showcase their experience and benefit from other activists in the field.

Khadeja Hussein from Project silphium  talked about the recommendations of the youth to create a network to ensure equal distribution of opportunities with youth on a local/national/regional level and be inclusive for all with no exceptions, more can be found here  *video* 

Emad Badi talked about his journey in Libya and how he ended up in peace building. Emad’s recomendations for UNSCR2250 can be found here 

Young people (15-35 years old) from 18 Arab countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen) met 4 – 6 December 2016 in Amman, Jordan to discuss the engagement of youth in peace and security. Around 61 youth (25 male and 36 female), working on peace building related initiatives, they participated in the Youth, Peace and Security Consultation and High- Level Dialogue and had an opportunity to exchange experiences from their respective countries, discuss common challenges, priorities and opportunities, and to strengthen youth-led networks and partnership



Restructuring and Refocus

Many NGOs experience strategic drift, meaning they focus extensively on one issue and forget there is a changing context, demographics, and evolving needs within the society. Of course, some other organizations tend to “go with the flow” and focus on diversifying their activities after the need has been established within society.
However, successful and sustainable organizations are able to look at the environment, assess the context and the implications and redefine their scope based on data and feedback from their activities.
Project Silphium has and will always focus on women empowerment within the Libyan Society. In lights of our recent restructuring, we have had the opportunity to reassess where we are and where we would want to be and what tools would help us get there.
This is why, we are glad to announce that Project Silphium is now focusing on empowering women and youth through technology and training to contribute to solutions pertaining to the Peace and Security agendas in Libya.

Violence Against Women

We have launched our Online Violence against Women in Libya reporting page which will feature anonymous stories and incidents from women on the ground about harassment and violence they face. We realised it was needed after the viral photo of the woman being hit at the bank by a man.

The Libyans Blogging for change 

Project Silphium cofounder Khadeja  was interviewed by Rana Jawad to talk about how PS is using blogging to highlight young women voices in Libya


“Amid Libya’s political chaos and violence, activists and bloggers are emerging as the only people advocating unity and addressing social issues that are often overshadowed by conflict.

Libyan youth groups are working in a challenging environment, but it has not stopped them from pressing on with their mission.”


From Idea to Company

On july 9th Project Silphium along with Omniya Atayari a Libyan woman entrepreneur from Raakez and Tripoli global shapers  hosted an interactive lecture “From idea to company” on how to go from an idea to a company.


Benghazi LaTeX Workshop 

Hajer Elmahdi facilitated the first LaTeX workshop in Benghazi at Tatweer Research this May .

“It all started after I used LaTeX in writing my graduation thesis. Not lots of people are familiar with the software so bringing something new like this will help develop women in engineering/science fields and provide them with more efficient digital skills.”




Have you ever had someone ask if you were really Libyan ? If Libyan women are allowed to drive ? If they are allowed to work ?

One comment we recently heard was ” we only met the Libyan male politicians , we’ve never seen a Libyan woman “

Libyan women are left out of the media and Libyan news in general so we thought we’d change that and give you a direct glimpse into our lives .

We have recently launched #WomeninLibya snapchat account that will allow you to have a rare glimpse of a hidden world.

Each week a new Libyan woman will take over the account and take us on a tour of her life ( social, study, family, work, business , struggles , etc)

We continue to share stories but in a new way

Save the snapcode above or use the username WomenInLibya .



Our recent workshop ( April 2016 )  conducted in #Tripoli at Afdal wajahat company was aimed at arming women with the tools to raise their voices in the community. The fastest way to do that would be using blogging tools.

Project Silphium supports women with the necessary tools to talk about their struggles, their rights, their projects and successes which will empower them and allow them to inspire others.

Read more here 

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