do I, a Libyan in Libya, really matter to the rest of the world?


A tragedy? A misery? A perpetual tale of horror? I honestly don’t know what I should call life in Libya! And a desperate cry from my soul apathetically shouts from within, “does it really matter what you should call it?”


Because do I, a Libyan in Libya, really matter to the rest of the world? And that surges feelings of betrayal and envy which build up a hostility for the rest of the world! But, what does that even mean?-“The rest of the world”? Aren’t we all the rest of the world to someone?


When the revolution was claimed a victory, the supporters were ready to tolerate whatever subsequent consequence. However, humans can only tolerate so much pain and despair before crashing down. People started taking sides. It’s not black and white anymore; it’s the whole spectrum now!

It’s the countless and seemingly never ending misfortunes that we as Libyans, as humans, suffer on an hourly basis that plagued our land with fatigue and hopelessness. For starters, there’s an enormous impact that power cuts have on Libyans’ psychology, economy, and political standpoints! Besides the modern basic human right that gets snatched away, a part of us does too! There are so many needs for electricity that are crucial to everyday life that makes losing it for hours on end intolerable. Therefore, a new type of darkness ensues; a preeminent darkness of the soul! In addition, the unbearable lifestyle that comes about from these cursed power outages makes the nation of little worth to “the rest of the world!” Which leads to my contemporary understanding of a term I never understood in history class….

Inflation- something that no one wishes to come across in a lifetime! With a collapsing government, or in our case-governments, there’s only the expectation of worsening circumstances! Prices skyrocket. Nothing is worth its price anymore. Everything is so expensive. And poverty is widespread. And poverty gives birth to thievery. And the cycle of corruptness in a lawless land resumes till a miracle from Allah comes and breaks it.

Apathy follows; the kind that accelerates the rate of the crippling of our society.

And that’s what “they” wanted. Whoever “they” are! The bad? The evil? The corrupting “rest of the world”?


By Nuha Dadesh

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