If Libyan women were men

To say that Feminism promotes equality between genders, is to suppose that inequality exists and much more is the rule. Because reform comes not without preexisting problems. And to elucidate these problems we will venture for an exposition of certain phenomena that occupies our world or society today in Libya and around the world.

● Freedom: Dear reader, have you ever considered being born a woman if you’re a man and vice versa if you’re a woman who is reading this? Of course, one realizes the abundant change that would shape either your bodily features or your personal identity. We are all aware of particular properties that we have no control of; your name, gender, the time and place of your birth, your parents, etc. Humanism stands as a way of mutual respect between ourselves, especially toward those properties that reside beyond our will. And to treat Humanism as a thing in itself, we can only classify blame as pertaining only inside the realm of properties we choose, and have a control of. As an example, and let me make it from an existential viewpoint, when someone commits a crime, she or he is punished from the premise that they chose to do the act (except for people with certain brain tumours, of course). And when someone treats others unjustly, we condem him solely on the fact that it is his or her choice. But have you ever witnessed a person jailed because they were born in a particular date, or because of their skin colour? Or because he is a son of a murderer, as an example? Of course not, it would sound absurd, and because that person did not even choose to have those properties.

● Humanism: Excuse me for asking another question, what makes humans distinct from animals? I wish I can hear your thoughts in person, but for now, take a minute to think or write any answers before you. Answers can vary, and other than the evolutionary state which makes us stand out from other species. One can think of art as an example? Humans have the ability to paint and sculpt in a very exiquisite manner that surpasses any superior capabilitities of an animal. One can also think of religion, for we have no authentic proof of any animal religious rites. Furthermore, consider our advanced logic, mathematics, humanities and natural science. When we review all the above examples, it is clear as crystal that humans consist of both genders, male and female – even those in between. Man and woman both can perform spiritual rituals and use their logic in the same way. Scientists – the geniuses – are men and women and both of them have the ability to solve a mathematical equation. From this, we can conclude that humans – men and women – are equal to what differentiates them from other species.

● Enquiry: There are those who will proceed to ask, if men and women are equal in ability, then why the masculine sex is dominant in politics? Why, throughout history, male leaders, kings, scientists are execessively more than their female counterparts? We can do nothing but grant them the right to ask so, but nevertheless, we cannot agree that the reason is merely natural. For society and cultural environment plays a decisive role in this injustice. How? Let us say that women did not achieve some of their rights not until recently. American women, for instance, did not attain the right to vote before 1920. French women too, on the other hand, accomplished it in 1945. And when we provide for men better education and more work opportunities, it would be indubitably clear for them to prevail over women. History shows us how women were summed up as being housewives, or slaves for their husbands and housework. All this restricts and limits women chances to success. If someone objects to this, in saying that women do not have the power in themselves, I could refer him to Catherine the Great, who ruled all over Russia for more than 34 years. And if someone suggests that maybe women are less intelligent then men, I say look at Marie Curie, who at first was denied university entrance, solely because she was a woman. But went later on to be the first person – including male scientists- to win two Nobel Prizes in two different fields of science, that is Physics and Chemistry. I would agree that my examples serve as exceptions to the rule, but only so to show the prejudice which favours males in general in any society.

● An informal inquiry: I know a friend who once said to me, how do you demand gender equailty when it is quite clear that men and women differ, and women in particular are weaker for the job. I asked him, in what way you percieve them as weak? He answered by making me imagine putting your everyday man with an ordinary woman in a fighting ring, who is more likely to win? I must admit that I have laughed hysterically at that time, but for the sake of the argument (let us at least pretend that it is one), I gave in to his illustration and said yes it is more likely the man will win. But if I put your everyday crocodile with an unarmed ordinary man, who has the fair chance of winning? Does the superiority of the animal makes it better than man? It is an illogical falacy to begin with, and with what we have elaborated on earlier, it is evident that humans prevail over animals in arts and science, which are equally attained by both genders. This puts man in the same level with women naturally, for neither the penis nor the vagina sets one as better than the other. I should say that in our everyday life, it just seems that men are unable to discern this fact. And to women, especially the Libyan feminist, only you can eliminate the present prejudice and win back your equal position leveled with men. I would also be more than pleased to hear your personal opinions in the comment section below, and if you have any questions we are glad to answer them.

Note: The attached painting in the article, is a self-portait by the Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova, called “At the Dressing-Table”. Her work style is related to Symbolism, Expressionism, and Art-Deco.

Wirren By : M.B


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December 12, 2014 at 09:12 PM

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December 14, 2014 at 02:12 AM

Great job. I liked the article, but I have one question:
What do you mean by ” let me make it from an existential viewpoint”?

projectsilphium مشروع سيلفيومreply
December 14, 2014 at 02:12 AM
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We will contact the writer and get back to you , thanks for reading!

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December 14, 2014 at 12:12 PM
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he meant in theory , writer wants u to imagine a certain situation that he goes on to describe . I realize now this doesn’t make sense but it was written in arabic and then translated .

December 14, 2014 at 01:12 PM
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It actually does make sense after what you said.

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December 14, 2014 at 02:12 PM
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a bit more of an explanation ” no one is born as good or bad, no one is born a hero or evil. But that we humans have the will to put in action such behavior. “

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