The responsible people in Houn and Libya are sleeping

Once upon a time, my city Hoon that is located in the middle of Libya was the safest place for a pregnant woman because of its good hospital that was working 24 hours a day.

They were ready for any expected and unexpected cases

but nowadays everything has been changed

hidden hands have closed the department of the obstetric & gynaecology a year ago.

Some of the women were able to travel to Misrata which is about 400 get check-ups and deliver their babies there

but others can not

you can imagine what has happened

three cases of death have been recorded during this month

two women died when they were delivering their babies

the other women lost her triplets after they were born.

it was a disaster most of the people are frightened and can’t stop crying.

we asked all the world health funds to help us to save the women who are surrounding with death

because the responsible people in Houn and Libya are sleeping most of the time.

By Rugaia Ali Shnebo 27/10/2017

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