Future Libya’s leaders are already here: Boshra Alhodiri #epicLibyanwoman of the month 



Epic Libyan woman of the month goes to Boshra Alhodiri from Sebha, she’s also the ​president of Fezzan Libya Group. 

If you’ve been on our snapchat these past few days you might have seen her

She is a civil society activist and dentist. She was recently appointed as the President of Fezzan Libya Group which is an independent group of writers, activists and journalists raising the voice of the South by creating a community to inspire, motivate and provide opportunities to enrich the lives of youth in south of Libya. Bushra is also an active member of the girl scouts in the South.

Recently I started initiatives to educate and empower women dentists by providing educational opportunities and mentorship to advance the impact of women dentists and their professional life.

Working as volunteer in many activities in community, it provide feeling of worth, by knowing your helped make a better life for someone else or for community.

You can follow Bushra on twitter at @bush_abdu  

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