Why me?

Why is that?

Does this happen everywhere?

No one has the rights to say things about my body, am I right?

I keep asking myself these questions every day on my way to work, while walking on the street, sitting in a public place like a cafe, I’m always wondering why I couldn’t see people who treat me as a human, respect my way of thinking and the enthusiasm I have to achieve my goals.

I only see people who want to tear me down just because I am a SINGLE young LADY.

being ambitious but also being single and reaching 28 years old in Libya.

It won’t be so accepted, I can hear their words either as a joke or a direct speech, I can imagine their stares.

But let’s go back to 2015 a little bit, which was the first time and first chance I had to widen my horizons and see women rights in another place of this world.

In 2015, the plane took off and I could see the Mediterranean Sea from my window. My journey of struggle has just started as I was travelling on my own, which is rare especially from the hometown I come from.

The struggle has been both a source of inspiration and intrigue throughout my life. In that time, I was seeing my goals in front of my eyes, one of them was to be an M.S.c holder in Electrical and Renewable Energy Systems at one of the best universities all over the world.

However, it is not just about the M.S.c, but it is also about how to be a leader in my field of study.I am always thinking of finding out solutions to Libya’s electricity cut issues, and how to get the benefits of renewable energy sources. This will only strengthen the fabric of our diverse society.

I am that ambitious young lady and an Engineer who just wants to make a contribution in reducing CO2, and protecting the environment. I am trying throughout my struggle and my field of study to deliver a message which is: “Be a Libyan and also an Engineer, as well as being an independent lady by travelling on your own in order to accomplish your goals”.

It has been almost 3 years since I came back to Libya. This struggle makes my days so difficult, but it was also a source of motivation and persevering. What I learnt during my studies outside Libya is worth it, I am so excited to just make a contribution. I want to keep being that young girl who succeeded in her study and wants to be a successful in her career, but it doesn’t seem to be easy.

Since I am back I just see harassment, racism and discrimination wherever I go, and still keep asking myself WHY?

And I won’t stop asking it,

I will also ask : what I can do? And How.


Written by Fatima Salama

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