Fairytales by Nuha Dadesh


I wonder: why is it that when we were little girls, they’d read us fairytales with one common theme?

That common theme was being a girl with an undeniable tragic life. She only gets to experience happiness when the Prince Charming comes to rescue her.

Why did he have to be a prince who’s charming? Why couldn’t just one fairytale narrate a love story of a girl being saved by a doctor or a


Wait, why is the female always the victim? Why does her saviour always be a man?

I don’t want to sound like an irrational feminist, but let’s be a little bit realistic.
Young ladies shouldn’t aspire to find an imaginary Prince Charming who’s most likely not going to show up with his white horse.
First things first, there’s no denying that a young woman will have hovering thoughts about how the love of her life going to look like and whether his looks truly resemble his inner-self or not!
However, that shouldn’t be the only and most prominent thought. There should be other compartments of a young lady’s brain filled with things that only cling to her.
Who are you? What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What’re your interests? What makes you happy? Really, what makes you smile, laugh, and rejoice? 
I’m sure every woman has her priorities, but the challenge lies in whether she can outflank society’s definition of a woman’s priorities to achieve her desired destination.
I don’t want to sound like those people who have lost all hope at living a love story because I’m not one of those people and I don’t plan on being one no matter what I go through.
My thought being: a love story should be a part of your story. Not the end or beginning of it. Not a single person in this world is going to come and change your life drastically for better or worse, only you can do that to yourself.
So learn about yourself, love yourself, and treat your self-right and with respect. Only then, will Allah allow there to be people in your life who will add sprinkles to your already glazed doughnut. Find happiness through faith, prayer, and hard work. Be a little intuitional. Dare to daydream. Dare to imagine and make up illusions. But, don’t you dare forget about reality!
Written by Nuha Dadesh

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