A strong woman scares a weak man


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To be a strong , independent and confident woman is what really scares men.
The problem was never the equality between men and women, it was only the selfishness of the man that kept him from seeing her as a partner, and a lifetime mate.
Most men love themselves to the point they see their women only as a servant in their lives and his free of charge entertainment tool, this selfishness can even drive them to use you emotionally and physically, not denying that a weak woman is the only person that can be blamed.
Ladies, please know that life doesn’t revolve only about men and marriage, I’m never against the idea of building a family but remember to make your own space, your own life where you can depend on yourself without him being around.
Never give up on your part as a mother, partner, or wife. Do not give up on being a human being that needs what you need because you deserve to have it . I’m 27 years old , got married at 21 having the ideas of building a life with what I mentioned above. I had a very stressful life throughout those six years of marriage commitment, defending my self-respect as a human and rights to be a wife, independent, and the human I am. I never gave up on being myself until he chose to leave this commitment just for the sake of his friends and family not to say that ( the wheel is on the right side ) meaning the whee bring in his wife’s hand . He chose to be away from building a life as partners. I chose not to lose my self-respect and humanity, he wanted it to have a life where he can rule a servant. I wanted a life where we could share love and build a family . Yes, to be honest I lost and lost a lot but divorce is not the end of life , he chose it as a very strong sign for his weakness, he did not even have the courage to do it. so I accidentally knew he was leaving the country trying to leave me out of the help of even myself. but me knowing before his leaving was not his plan. He blackmailed me to give up on all of my rights. So I did and I stood for my human rights and all woman rights in the future. I was and am still very exhausted emotionally, but I never regret it. I’ll never be sorry for this experience as I learned to be stronger than ever and to respect myself more and more . My dear friends and ladies , I want you all to know that life is very great with a man standing by your side but it has to be a way of partnership, you have to see yourself as the woman, the life, the journey, the freedom, remember that you should be what you are not what others want you to be . STAND UP. LEARN. MAKE ART. READ. SING. DANCE AND FLY…be the woman you want to be with respect and love.

Writren By: Noura Eljerbi

Note : Photo attached “ Marriage on Farm“ , by Brazilian Artist Cândido Portinari. Style Experssionsim.


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Brilliant article.. I really appreciate you Dear.

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December 31, 2014 at 12:12 PM
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thank you 🙂

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