Updated website look and the wonderful gift that is volunteers 

If you head over to our website you’ll notice a change in the way it looks. It’s no longer all in one timeline. When we first started we just wanted the stories to be out there and didn’t focus that much on style. We didn’t have the technology skills to fix it. The technology skills gap is another problem women face worldwide.

However a volunteer came to our rescue and cleaned it all up for us. He’s not any volunteer and was a part of Project Silphium before we even came up with the name. He designed our logo and did most of our graphics.

Project Silphium is entirely run by people in their free time so to get this amount of help from one person is amazing. The rest of the team just wanted to give him a shout out.
Our translators are also another integral part of our team that needs a shout out.  We try not to take advantage of them but sometimes we can’t help it. The Arabic posts with bad grammar aren’t written by them, they have lives and we try not to be slave drivers. Whoever said that young people don’t have great Arabic skills haven’t met these two . When I first read their translations I wanted to kick myself for not paying attention in nahoo and Arabic classes.

Initiatives like ours are kept alive entirely by good people who volunteer their time for good causes. While writing this I had an idea to make a list of people who want to volunteer their skills for similar causes (one hour even). We love our volunteers and operate on a fair usage policy. Just because someone is giving away their free time doesn’t mean you can treat them unfairly.

If you’re an organization that needs help please fill in the same form.
Maybe we can help a few people out there right ?  Click here for form 

Examples of some skills can even be helping translate a few lines into Arabic , nothing is too small .

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