The title of this post seems to be the theme of many things in Libya. They tell you it’s the way things are, you have to accept what we give you. I never could accept things that I thought were unfair or didn’t like.  When something isn’t right you change it for the better or work together to find a solution to suit everyone. You try to find alternatives for the problem. This week there was a post about an event in cairo but the poster wasn’t including women who lived in Libya . When asked for a proper explanation , one was not given . Instead these were the replies 2 Now it’s not the poster’s fault . This is exactly how Libyan women are treated . We should be happy we’re even included to the party at all right ? why complain about improper facebook comments , that’s just asking for too much respect . If you allow me to do a bit of guestimation here : There’s about 5 million Libyans approximately Half are women so that’s 2.5 million . Let’s assume just 1 million are from the ages of 18-50 . This is a very pessimistic estimate but for the sake of argument let’s use it  .  This lady is telling 1 million women to take it or leave it . One woman here replying to the exclusion : 3 Here’s where we come in. We don’t have 1 million dollars lying around to give to Olivia Pope to Lobby on our behalf ( I wish we did but I did’t rob any banks this month ) .  If we collectively apply pressure on all of the organizations to make it a priority to not exclude these women maybe we can make a difference “ pressure needs to be applied, so as much support as you can get, the better to make them listen” via @MENAWomensP Here’s what I want you to do , use the following hashtag #TakeItorLeaveit to comment on the issue above and include any incidents you’ve had with any events in the past  . Solutions to this problem are also welcome .

Are you happy with the people representing us in these programs ? Do you think they should do more to include libyans on the inside .

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