Self Defense


“I don’t call it violence when it’s self defense; I call it intelligence.” ~ Malcolm X​​

You never know when you’ll ever need to use it, but the need to protect oneself is very much something everyone should take seriously. Self defense is important because statistics say that all women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime.
According to the FBI:

A women is raped every 46 seconds.
75% of all rapes are committed by a person the victim knows.
25% of all rapes occur in a public place.
4 women are killed everyday by an abusive partner.
It is important to learn the basics on how to stop an attacker.
Awareness is key. Know your surroundings and walk with confidence. Keep your eyes on what is happening around you and not on your phone.
Stay in well-lit areas and avoid taking alleys.
Have your keys ready when going to your car. If attacked, you can use your keys as a weapon (see below).
The most important thing if you are attacked is to keep calm. Becoming hysterical will not help and will give your attacker an added advantage.
Do not fight over material things. They can be replaced, but your life cannot.
Your elbow is the strongest point on your body, use it to hit the attacker where it counts – the eyes, the knees, the throat or the groin.
If you are ever thrown into the trunk of a car, kick out the taillights and stick your arm out of the hole and start waving like crazy. The attacker will not be able to see you, but others will.
If your hands are duct-taped together, try to get the tape wet. It will loosen its adhesiveness and will allow you to get your hands free.
If your attacker has you from behind, bang your head into their face as hard as possible. This will cause enough pain to let go of you for a moment and give you time to get away!
If an attacker has a gun and you can get away – RUN! Experts say that an attacker will only hit a running target 4 out of a 100 times, and even then, it isn’t likely to hit a vital organ.
Do not let an attacker take you to an abandoned area. Do whatever it takes and fight back.
Never plan to fend an attacker and win; do only what it takes to get away.
Use everyday objects you carry in your purse or backpack as weapons:
Keys – Use them to gouge at eyes, to stab at the throat or to punch an attackers face. Place them between your fingers when you make a fist to add force.
Pencils, Pens – Use these items just the way you would a key. They are just as effective to gouge eyes, stab the throat or to punch an attackers face.
High Heeled Shoes – Again, use them much the way you would a key. Aim the heel at the attackers eyes or to stab at their face or throat.
Hair spray or Breath spray – Spraying these items at close range in an attackers eyes can buy you valuable time to get away.
Your Bag – A full backpack or purse can also help you escape. You can throw it at the attacker or swing it to hit them and knock them off balance long enough to get away.
Avoid car-jacking by locking your car doors and keeping your windows up while driving.​
​Don’t make yourself a target! Avoid flashy jewelry, ​leaving valuables in plain site, carry more than you can handle and flashing money.
​If you are not in a country that offers self defense classes, get online and ​Youtube different safety techniques.
We are all living in a crazy world, do your part to stay safe! ​

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

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Note : The photo attached is a painting by french artist Theodore Gericault. Known as “ Horse attacked by a Lion ”. Genre : Animal Painting. Style : Romanticism

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