Libyan Women in business : An Interview with PomPom Founder

When did your passion for crafts  start ? 

Back when I was a kid and up until now, I have always been passionate about food and crafts, it became a hobby to try and combine food and crafts to make something beautiful out of it , and who wouldn’t love a beautifully served food, I know I do. My first encounter with crafts was when I was 10 years when I had proper training in the crafts as part of my summer vacation with the family. Since then I made sure to attend courses and workshops and get to understand more about crafts and food.  When PomPom first came to life, it was meant to show our vision of creating an unforgettable event with a touch of elegance and warmth; I believe that the little extra touch is what actually stays in the memory. I couldn’t resist holding back to this passion of ours.

How did you get involved with planning ?

After a  couple of months, we decide to separate event planning from crafts, so we could take our crafts branch PomPom handmade  to a larger scale  by giving time to more smaller details and occasions.

Who supported you throughout all this ?  The one thing that actually helped me to go through with this, is the support I get from my sisters, as although I have the passion but I do not possess the business experience or marketing skills for that matter. They gave the most simple and effective advice and made it seem easy and fun to start a business.  I also wouldn’t be able to do it without my mother who simply knows everything about everything. As you know this kind of business requires a wide knowledge of the local market and resellers, she has been quite a savior in that area.

What words of wisdom do you have for anyone else trying to start a business ?  My advice for anyone starting a business will be: Always follow your passion. Only go for a business you are passionate for, where you can be creative and unique, even if you go through pressure and stress or even failure at the start, keep going that’s the only thing that will make the whole adventure worth it. Another advice: do your homework, have a proper business and marketing plan, analyze your market risks and create your own vision and strategy no matter how small is your business, also don’t be shy or hesitant to seek advice, at the beginning surround yourself with people that will help you to move forward and guide you on how to make all your hard work actually works! avoid illusionists who might advice you to just jump into the sea and count on your luck, always go for those who will tell you the obstacles that might come your way and also the way to overcome them.

Wish you all best of luck,

Najwa T, Bugaighis

Pom Pom Founder

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