Mother’s Day 

Painting by Russian artist Boris Kustodiey . Known as “ Morning ”. Style : Realism.

While growing up, I never really thought of my mom as a my friend. Instead, she was the figure who set the rules, the person I would blame when I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends or the one that would forbid me from wearing something i thought was so “fashionable” at the time. But as I’m getting older, I’ve started to look to my mom as less of an authoritative figure and more as a best friend who has truly been there by my side through it all.

From the time we were born, there is no accounting for the unfathomable, unshakeable love our mothers shower upon us when we haven’t even been alive long enough to deserve it, until we’re grown and wretched and occasionally undeserving of that love. They have all the secrets you need to know and somehow all she wants in life is to provide for you, protect you and not forget to buy you that juice she knows you love next time she goes to the store. Where can you find someone that will appreciate your humor, tell you you’re beautiful and remind you not to bite your nails? Who will do things for you without any benefit for herself? Who wants you to succeed without any reward to herself (except maybe bragging rights ) ? Who cares if you wore a sweater or needed a tissue, or had a bad dream, or ate enough for dinner? Who is always invested in your happiness? Where can one find such a selfless, genuinely kind person?

 Mothers are heavenly creatures. They have super powers that we might never fully understand, at least until we turn into mothers ourselves because when it comes to motherhood there’s got to be some otherworldly magic at play, there just has got to be. Mothers manage to maintain an unconditional level of love and loyalty for you even you’re your worst self (we all are the worst sometimes, and our moms love us anyway). 

Now I’m 22 and I have come to realize that my day is incomplete if it doesn’t include a talk or a call from my mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a different house, city or country. You can’t take one step ahead without calling her and telling her all about it. “Mom, you know what happened today? You won’t believe it.”

Sometimes when things go wrong you feel like your mom is the only person in the world who can make it right. From your highest highs to your lowest lows, Mom is the one who you want to communicate with the most. She gets it, and even if she doesn’t she’ll always try to “get it”. You can’t fault Mom for being older and a little out-of-touch with your generation (despite her protests that she’s on Facebook and knows how to text) .She gets you and she gets life .She’ll tell it to you like it is and she’ll never judge. You can talk to her about anything even if it feels a little awkward at first, you know at the end of the day you can truly come to your mom with any sort of question and she would give you her best advice. 

You reach a point in life when your mom shares her burdens with you and asks for your opinion. Even if it’s as simple as ” What should i make for lunch today”. I promise you will be surprised at how easy it is to confide in her than your other friends. Yes you will fight and disagree on things, but she will never leave your side, she believes in you more than anyone else. Even when other people have their doubts your mom is there to back you up and support you. 

When I think about everything my mom have done and still does for me and our family, the love and respect I have for her can’t be put into words and I can’t imagine a life without her in it. On this special day I’d like to tell my mother and all the mothers out there Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being our protectors, our best friends, our closest confidantes, and our role models. 

Written By : J.E 

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