An interview with Malak Taieb #WomeninLibya 

from Malak’s blog “Who is Malak”

I am a 23 year old chemical engineering graduate. Class of 2016. Spontaneous. Dreamer. Blogger. MOOC’s addict. English teacher. Books lover. Space camper. MEPI 2015 alumni.

I want so many things. Does that make me selfish? I currently work as an English teacher. I have been teaching for about three years now. Teaching is something I have enjoyed for years before considering it a full time job.

My goal is to use my time on earth to get better in life and to inspire and motivate at least one person. Also, I hope I can deliver my message and discover things in me along the journey.

I call myself an “online courses hunter” because I began my experience with online courses this year and they have helped me in tremendous ways. I want to get my masters in Environmental engineering and specifically, water technologies. I want to expand this field in Libya so many people can benefit from in the future.

Freedom should never be reversed or violated because I know that we deserve to live life in peace. I want to see my country develop before my eyes, and that 10 years from now, I can proudly say this is our Libya. It is our home.~

One of my many future goals is publishing my first book. Even though I have graduated I still believe deep down that my mission is incomplete. Recently, I’ve started my blog to keep writing and share my thoughts with people. I hope that I can expand my blog to something big but I’m taking it one step at the time and the main reason is to develop my writing style.

Knowing that I have given my best everyday and that my day was not wasted is what makes me come alive.

Education is my main passion. I consider myself a full time learner. I feel great whenever I find something interesting online, in a book or a piece of paper. I love learning and exploring.

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