I can do better for myself , I will do better for myself

My  escape from Libya was because I needed to get away from the ridiculous “husband offers”. I got away with it while I was in school with “I’m in school, noway José!” But after graduation, there was no way to convince people I want to choose who is right.

They just tell you about a guy and then it’s “eteafgee wala la” *translation do u agree or not * and the person who is bringing you this “offer” is so persistent .

They would also would bring your self-esteem beyond ground level with things like, “you’re getting old” “no one will marry you”

“You can’t be picky” “you can’t have everything you want” “do you want to start a family when you’re 40” I had funny ways of dealing with them because I didn’t have the energy to argue with people who feel the need to marry you even though they complain about their own married lives.

They never asked me what I wanted to do after grad. Every person I ran into asked the same question ” ma feesh 7owayja* translation is there nothing * pointing at my ring finger. They’d get so offended when I say I have other plans and tell me that God wants me to get married. They didn’t mind the idea of me begging on the streets for a husband. I was told I need to find one ASAP. One person gave me the advice her mom gave her when she started university which was graduate with a degree in one hand and a husband in the other.

I had to deal with this for about one year and decided to pack up my bags for better things ( finishing my education  ) because I can do better things for myself than a husband

Written by ” My own husband ”

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