Enlighten me ( Nawerni ) Initiative 

Benghazi the mother , above all what’s going on , and against all the wind , it’s still planting the seeds for the generations . 

Now it’s about time to make the light in the bath , Benghazi has been giving the spirit of success, and ambitious to live .

Girls from the beloved city of Benghazi made it through the hard time , trying their best to make a solution for the problems facing the educational process in the city , these girls stood hard and pushed the responsible areas and parts to save this academic year for the students of benghazi , thinking out of the box as the situation needed. 

These girls believed in the human rights and children rights to get the live they needed . 

The idea of Enlighten me ( Nawerni ) Initiative started with the human right activist Sakina Elfallah / working in the national council for liberties and human rights/ Benghazi but this idea wouldn’t have seen the light if the other ladies didn’t join to form an amazing team , Nosiba Elsabri / university graduated and a human rights activists who believed that education is the right for every human , Noura Eljerbi /an interior designer and english language trainer who stood always for children rights and fought for children protection , Fathia Hamed /   Faculty member in Benghazi university who had the major part in releasing a system collecting signs from people around the city to agree for the push needed to save this academic year , plus a cooperation from Dr.Marism Elsaltani and the activists Ibtehal Elmaqery who both made a great effort to make this idea come true . 

And in 21/dec /2014 the national council for liberties and human rights released the Enlighten me Initiative which hold a solution for the student ,the main role was to make the people in the responsible ares to see that people need their schools to reopen and children to get their normal right to get the education , the we made a big progress encouraging around 55 school to open their doors again , and  encouraging the parents to step forward and make the believe in the rights of their children education, finally in 25/ mar /2015 the ministry of education announced that schools to be back and find a different way to make this   come true , and save this school year for all the students of Benghazi.

We believe that nothing can stop us , nothing can stand in our way to make it , instead every thing against you , you can make it help you to get what you need  . 

Believe in yourself and you rights and always see the bright side of the life you have 

Written By : Enlighten me Initiative Members. 

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