Eid Mubarak

Ramadan, the holy month has ended and here we are now celebrating Eid. I would like to wish all Muslims around the globe, Eid Mubarak. Today Muslims gather together to celebrate the end of Ramadan in a cheerful and loving atmosphere. They hold nothing but love for each other.

In the last day of Ramadan in Libya, mothers and daughters make Eid cookies and biscuits. We make so many traditional desserts like Magroud, Ghraiba, Kaak Halgoum, Baklava and much more. Children help in the process of making desserts.

Everybody wears new clothes. Most men wear traditional clothes called Badla Arabia ( Arabian Suit), however, it is not a suit! They go to Eid prayer and wish Eid Mubarak to one another. One of Eid’s tradition is that parents and relatives give children Eideya. It is an amount of money they get as part of Eid tradition. You are never old for Eideya, no matter how old you are.

The spirit of Eid fills the corner of every house in Libya. It fills our hearts with wonders. You will find people greeting each other in the streets and taking family pictures. You will see the children playing and showing off their clothes. Happiness is the correct word to describe it.

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Written by Malak Altaeb

My name is Malak Altaeb from Libya. I am a 23 year old Chemical Engineering graduate. I work as an English teacher. I have been teaching English for almost four years now. I am passionate about writing and I have recently started my blog. I am an impious learner and advocate for women empowerment, climate change and environmental issues. I am a member in the Libyan Youth Climate Movement (LYCM) in writing and research section. I have volunteered in few social workshops and attended workshops on human rights, art and youth empowerment. I am an alumna of Space camp program 2010 and MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) 2015.

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