Causes and Solutions

First of all, I just want to point out to the very good idea of this project and hopefully the outcome will meet the aims.

I have noticed in some stories -not all of them- on this blog that in fact they don’t much talk about the community’s atowards women being a problem in Libya when using two or three examples to justify a generalisation.

There is a problem in terms of women rights in Libya and it’s not a coincidence that what just happens to be a state in the third world and also very corrupted in many aspects, we see a rise of female marginalisation as a result. However, it doesn’t actually help us deal with it when instead of talking about rational and logical criticism of particular behaviours and their solutions, we instead slip into prejudice by simply painting everyone with a single brush. On the other hand I just want to clarify to those who have doubts on this thesis that just because we talk about women rights it doesn’t mean that we’re against marriage or to put all the blame on men or to get out of the Islamic framework, it’s simply “No exaggeration and no negligence”.

I’d like to say that we should also talk about possible solutions and how to overcome this phenomenon.

Female marginalisation in Libya is privy to all social, political, standard of living factors. For instance, female marginalisation is not as distinctive in big cities as it is in the countryside and small towns, and that actually leads us to the fact that social and economic factors are very important, it’s a fundamental fact that where you have political engagement, urbanisation and the opportunity for people to bring their ideas to the marketplace, you get less discrimination and more moderation and more equality and that helps to improve the outlook of Libyan girls and the way they think and also it changes the community’s general perception towards women so that has a lot to do with it but also we have to understand that we need to be more sophisticated in the way that we talk about this issue.

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