Team Project Silphium
December 7, 2014

We are group of activists. 3 girls and 2 guys born and raised in Libya! we know struggle and we want our voices to be heard. We started this project to empower women, educate the people about feminism and equality between all genders and to shed light on Libyan women problems, struggles and inspiring stories through […]

I can do better for myself , I will do better for myself
December 6, 2014

My  escape from Libya was because I needed to get away from the ridiculous “husband offers”. I got away with it while I was in school with “I’m in school, noway José!” But after graduation, there was no way to convince people I want to choose who is right. They just tell you about a […]

There’s more to life than just men and makeup
December 2, 2014

I’m a 20  something years old Libyan woman. I have my whole future ahead of me and I’ve started laying out future plans for myself . That’s what normal women in their twenties in the rest of the world think , well most of them apart from Libya . The priorities of women in my […]

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