Brain Death : Why the lack of Reading is our essential problem?  

“Dead End” by Polish artist Jacek Yerka. Style : Surrealism.

• As a person who uses social media a lot, I get added to lots of different groups, Beauty, Workout, Online shopping, Fatafeet, Libyan Kitchen, Daily life of Libyan man’s wife ( As if being a wife is all that matters, what makes her matter and gives her a reason to exist, I have no clue what I’m doing there by the way 😂 ). In these groups you’ll learn how to tighten up your thighs, bleach your skin, what dress to buy to this occasion or that, what to cook for lunch, what makeup to buy and apply etc .. 
This is merely an observation, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to observe this. The lack of interest in anything that wont make sure you’re the prettiest in the room or won’t land you a husband is in my opinion the main problem because after all women in our society are still only really valued for two things; their looks and their role as wives. 
If these women spent half the time they spend on these groups enlightening their minds, this project and this post wouldn’t be needed  in the first place. 
• قُلْ َهْل يَْستَِوي اْلأَْعَمٰى َو اْلبَِصيرُۚ أََفَلا تَتََفَكَّرُوَنَ } «سورة الأنعام/50»
Newton’s third law of motion states that “ For every action, there is an equal in size and opposite in direction reaction force.” It’s not a hopeless situation, a reaction is needed; maybe a parallel group that discusses things that add to your brain instead of your looks? Help us by sending your ideas and thoughts on the matter via comment section or email. Looks is going to fade and you’ll be left with a hideous ignorant reflection no makeup can ever cover, you should consider doing something about it before it’s too late. 
• Now let me ask you a simple question, If all Libyans were hmm MORE EDUCATED, Would Libya be in this mess right now? Regardless of who caused this, agendas, militias etc (even though I believe ignorance is in fact a choice) If our society was less ignorant, would we be here now? 

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