شارك معنا !
December 2, 2014

 هــل تريــد أن تشارك بقصة ليبية غريبة حدثت معك؟ هل لديك استفسار أو موضوع تريد أن تسلط عليه الضوء من الظواهر الموجودة حاليا؟    أرســل لنـا إيـميل علــى

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  1. You’re right, women should have bigger dreams and objectives; however, do you think the group of women you targeted by this essay are able to read it? Write it in Arabic and I’ll be the first to spread this words of wisdom.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Mabrouka
      Every article we post will be in both arabic and english . we’re aiming at the arabic audience mainly . our first post is under the title انتِ اكثر بكثير من زوجة رجل ليبي and the second one is انا مسلمة و اطالب بحقوف المرأة please check out the rest of the articles. Most of the young libyan generation is sending us posts in english . here’s thoughts on the whole thing .
      “An interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed with the writing contests we’ve held so far (online and at a local school) was the number of stories written in English. Now, we’ve made it clear that the story can be in either Arabic or English, but the majority chose English. I’m not sure if this is an additional challenge the writers chose to place on themselves, or whether it’s easier to express themselves and write in the English language. (I believe it’s the latter)”