A Helping Hand


The story starts like any other gym visit. I get to the gym and immediately start my workout. I don’t engage in the chit chat the ladies get into. I have a tight schedule that only allows 50 mins of gym time so any socializing is a luxury I don’t have. In my mind I look determined and bad ass using a barbell while all the other ladies are lifting 1 pound dumbbells. Please ladies start lifting something heavier, even your handbag weighs more than a pound. Anyway that’s not why I decided to send in a story, that’s a post for another day *Seriously if you want to tighten up those thighs start lifting heavier weights you’ll thank me * While I’m wrapping up a lady comes over and asks me some questions that I happily answer . It did cut through my precious workout time but sharing knowledge was a good reason so it was fine. She then proceeded to take my number and said she’d call me.
I finish up and go home thinking “yay I converted someone from the light dumbbell crowd “and that was the end of it. She does end up calling that evening and to my surprise I pick up and answer her other questions. I tell her I’ll send her the info she needs to start measuring her progress properly. She proceeds to thank me and pray for me.
The woman was so surprised a stranger is doing this for her. She explained women don’t do things for other women like this and that this was a huge deal to her. That statement really shocked me , I’m no Samaritan but if I know something that could help someone else I do try my best to help them out . This doesn’t seem to be the case with Libyan women.
The Libyan female community is not a place of support , it’s a place where jealousy resides among other things . In a society where everyone else is against us you’d think the least we could do is stick together.
So next time you see a sister struggling , help her out !

Written By : an ex twitter addict with a bad coffee addiction

Note : The photo attached is a painting by Italian artist Eugene de Blaas. Known as “A Helping Hand”. Style : Academicism

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